Advantages of Having a Tactical Dog Collar

Advantages of Having a Tactical Dog Collar

Dogs who have a tendency to pull need special equipment to keep them safe and to ensure you stay in control without hurting your pet. For these reasons, many owners of chronic pullers opt for tactical dog gear. In fact, beyond improved safety and comfort, there are many advantages of a tactical dog collar.

What Is a Tactical Dog Collar?

Tactical collars were originally for working dogs, but pets who pull at the leash can also benefit from them. You can find collars for strong giant breeds down to overly-enthusiastic toy dogs.

Why Use a Tactical Collar?

No matter whether you’re walking or running with your dog, you’ll find a tactical collar useful for a few reasons.

Enhanced Control and Safety

The material and construction of tactical dog collars gives you more control over your dog and keeps her safe. For instance, it will have double- or even triple-stitched seams and an unbreakable buckle.

Durability and Longevity

Tactical collars are much more durable than a regular dog collar — the superior materials ensure their longevity. You should find you need to replace a tactical dog collar far less often than a regular collar.

Identification Tags and Patches

You can hang an identification tag for your dog on the heavy-duty D-ring. Alternatively, if you prefer to use a patch, you can attach one to the webbing, which will be made from a premium material like MOLLE.

Key Purchase Factors to Consider

When considering different tactical dog collars, look for one with the following features.


You don’t want to need to replace the collar soon after you’ve purchased it — both because that would mean a wasted investment and because if the collar breaks easily, it will pose a safety risk. The best tactical dog collars of all come with a lifetime warranty.


The material of tactical dog collars should serve three purposes: be strong, be comfortable, and be long lasting. Look for waterproof webbing and padding, an unbreakable buckle, and a rustproof D-ring.


Make sure the collar you choose fits your dog. Some brands only offer collars for large dogs, whereas others go down to XXS sizes for puppies and miniature dogs. It’s important to avoid collars that are either too loose or too tight. You can measure your dog’s neck before you purchase a collar using a piece of string at the point where the collar will rest. Be aware that your measurement will be too small if you check too far forward near the ears or too far back at the shoulders.

Comfort and Fit for Your Dog

It’s often unnecessary to look for custom dog collars — after all, you just need something that fits well and will be comfortable for your dog. A few factors influence this.

Padded Design for Added Comfort

There should be plenty of padding on the inside of the collar, made from something like neoprene. This allows the collar to have a snug fit to avoid your dog from pulling herself free, but it also means the collar won’t chafe on her neck.

Adjustable Straps for Proper Fit

You’ll notice that the sizes for tactical collars overlap slightly. This is because they feature adjustable straps to ensure you can achieve the perfect fit.

Breathable Materials for Optimal Airflow

The best collars are made from breathable materials to prevent your dog from feeling hot if she’s out for a long time or if she’s running a lot. With a tactical dog collar, you can take your dog out all day without worrying about the collar making her uncomfortable.

Style and Appearance

The last thing to think about is the appearance of your tactical dog collar and any extra accessories you need. Ideally, you’ll find one that suits your style, looks good on your dog, and has features you find beneficial.

Various Colors and Patterns

Tactical dog collars come in a range of colours — from black and traditional camo to more fun choices like sky blue and pink camo. If your dog has a tendency to run far from you when she’s off the leash, you may like to opt for a hi-vis or neon colour to help you spot her from a distance.

Additional Accessories and Embellishments

The embellishments you should look for on a tactical dog collar will depend on the activities you do with your dog. For instance, you may like one with hi-vis strips if you take your dog out at night. Bear in mind, though, that too many features will only make it complicated to use and add unnecessary clutter.

Training Your Dog

A tactical dog collar won’t instantly solve any problems you have when walking your dog — you’ll need to train her to use it correctly.

Training Attachments

The heavy-duty D-ring on the tactical collar will give you somewhere to clip training attachments, which is especially useful for working dogs. This includes things like a GPS unit or camera.

Handling and Control Techniques

The greater control you’ll gain from a tactical dog collar means you’ll be able to train your dog to walk correctly. For example, you’ll be able to use it to redirect her attention if she’s distracted, make your commands clearer,  and stop her from engaging in undesirable behaviours, such as biting the leash.

Multiple Functions and Uses

There are many ways to use a tactical dog collar. As well as on your regular dog walks, you can use one for running, hiking, camping trips, hunting, and just about any other type of outdoor adventure.

Built-In Handle for Close Control

Some tactical dog collars have a built-in handle. You should look for a design like this if you need extra control, such as if your dog will be in stressful situations. However, this tends to be more of a concern for working dogs than for pets.

Quick Release Buckles for Breakaway Features

It’s important to teach your dog to wait patiently before you release her. This is easier with a tactical dog collar because it has a quick release buckle that means you can let her go quickly. It’s also simple to put the collar back on without any discomfort for your dog.

Wrap Up

All that’s left to do is find the right tactical dog collar for your pet. At Dog Friendly Co., we have tactical dog collars made from the highest-grade, extra-soft materials. They come in a range of colours and sizes and are breathable and chafe resistant. Shop now for a collar that suits your dog as well for other essentials you need for dog walking.

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