Dog Harness Reviews

Read up on all the amazing comments from our happy customers in our dog harness reviews. Australia’s warm climate means that taking your dog for walkies needs to be a comfortable experience for the both of you, without any rubbing or chafing – something that’s not possible if your dog is wearing a poorly fitted harness. From the huge selection of dog harness reviews below you’ll see just how happy Dog Friendly Co customers are with the harnesses they’ve chosen for their furry friends – and all the reasons why you should invest in one too!

From comments about the incredible colour selection available, to the high quality of the material and the extra control it gives owners, our customers couldn’t be happier with the products they’ve purchased. Many love the matching leads available and mention just how much investing in a harness and lead from Dog Friendly Co has improved their walkies together.
Browse the reviews to find glowing comments and pictures from a range of different breeds in our dog harness reviews. Australia is home to pets of all shapes and sizes and that’s why we’ve designed a range to comfortably fit all different kinds of pooches. Whether you have a small dog or a large one, there’s no breed our harness doesn’t suit and the dog harness reviews are testament to that. Many customers have commented on how much the harness has grown with their dog as they’ve got bigger, making the adjustable straps a winner for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
Whether you want to more control, to stop your pooch from jumping up or just to stop them pulling on the lead as much, our harnesses will do the trick. Discover all the best bits about them directly from our customers in the reviews further down the page.
Our service and communication is described as second to none, as is the quality of the products so you can be sure you’re in good hands when you order with us.