5 Facts About Dachshunds

5 Facts About Dachshunds

10 Facts About Dachshunds

Dachshunds, lovingly called Doxies, are famous for their funny looking but adorable shape and size. But these dashing dogs were meant for more than just a furry friend to fall in love with. Here are a few facts about these darling doxies.

1. The Name Dachshund is German for “badger dog” they're also commonly known as wiener dogs in reference to the food, sausages. In Germany, they're often called “Dakels” or “Teckels” although they mean the same breed of dog, “Dakel” is commonly used by the public. While “Teckel” are doxies specifically bred as hunting dogs.

2. Dachshunds were originally bred as working dogs. 

Their short legs and narrow bodies served a purpose. To hunt badgers. Their short legs helped keep their noses low to the ground so they could track their scent and their narrow bodies helped them crawl into burrows to look for badgers. Eventually they were bred to hunt different types of prey.

3. Dachshunds come in different varieties.

Because they were bred as hunting dogs, doxies come in 15 different colors, six types of markings, three coat types, doxies can have smooth, wirehaired or longhaired coats. They also come in three different sizes. They come in a standard, miniature or kanichen(german for rabbit) size. Though the first two sizes are internationally recognized, the latter is not as common. 

4. Hotdogs were really named after the dog.

Dachshunds are sometimes called weiner dogs, but they were originally known as “Dachshund Sausages” after similar looking dogs that would accompany butchers. Hot dogs were originally called dachshund dogs.

5. They may be small in stature but Dachshunds have a daring personality and because they were bred to be hunters, they make for a great watch dog. They have excellent hearing and sense of smell and a loud bark. They are also known to be fiercely loyal to their owners.

These darling dogs have a lot to offer and just as much love to give. They are known for being so daring and fearless, but also love warm cuddles with their family and friends. Did any of these Dachshund facts surprise you? Remember to share this list with fellow dog lovers!

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