5 Facts About Dog Sleep

5 Facts About Dog Sleep

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These days, dogs have evolved from being simple household pets or guardians of the home into becoming an important part of the family or even being regarded as one of our own kin. As a result the term, “furbabies” has become widespread. They require the same amount of sleep as we do.

1. How much sleep do dogs need?
Because most dogs are omnivores, they sleep more than their vegetarian counterparts. The amount of sleep a dog requires varies depending on a variety of factors; age is the most prevalent factor to consider.

Dogs need an average of 11-13.5 hours of sleep every day, which includes not just REM sleep but also daytime napping. In contrast to older dogs, puppies sleep for longer periods of time. However, they do not sleep as much at night as they do during the day when they are more active. On average, older dogs sleep longer at night than during the day, although this might vary because some dogs can sleep up to 37 percent of the day.

While senior dogs sleep soundly through the night, and sleep later in the morning, they also tend to nap more during the daytime.

2. Which dog breed sleeps the most?
The Bulldog

The Bulldog is known for its ability to sleep. They usually spend their days napping away rather than being awake. They seem to be happier in bed than being out and about or on walks. This makes them the ideal bed bud! Be ready to sleep with some earplugs just in case because they’re known for not just sleeping in, but also snoring. Very Loud snoring at that. But if you sleep like a log, then you’ll probably be fine.

3. Which dog breed sleeps the least?
The Border Collie

Now the Border Collie is known because of their beautiful appearance, intelligence and trainability. This can be difficult for a newbie furparent to handle. Because their breed is mainly used as herding dogs, they're used to spending all their time herding other animals without getting tired. This has led to these dogs being able to herd young children or invent games to keep busy.

4. Do dogs dream?
Can dogs dream? Well science says they can! Just like us they go through the different stages of sleep. First consisting of slow and rolling brainwaves, called slow wave sleep(SWS), where the mind is mostly quiet but the body is still tense. Then after a while it enters a deeper stage of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, at this point the mind becomes more active and the eyes move around rapidly beneath the eyelids, but the muscles are more relaxed. Because of the active brain that can cause the dog to breathe faster or whine or twitch their legs. Both dogs and people experience both stages of the sleep cycle.
It is believed that our lovable fur babies not only dream like us, but that they dream in a similar manner. This means that they also replay events that happened throughout the day while they sleep. If you notice your dog moving around or their ears while they sleep, that means they're dreaming!

5. Is it good to sleep in the same room as my furry friend?
People sleeping with their canine companions is beneficial as they can help reduce depression, ease anxiety induced insomnia, decrease loneliness, and help improve sleep quality overall. Studies have shown that the presence of dogs helps us sleep. 75% of pet owners report an improvement in mental health from having a pet. The friendship, security and calm of our furry friends provide us a great reason to co-sleep with our furry friends.

Sleeping with your dog helps improve your health in a multitude of ways. This can be good for your canine companion as well. For both humans and dogs, along with the quantity of sleep, quality is just as important, so goodnight and happy napping! 


You can probably tell that just like humans sleep is a vital part of dog’s lives and as a result it is important they get enough sleep and have a comfortable place to rest. Particularly for bigger and older dogs it is essential to invest in a high quality mattress to prevent joint issues. Look no further than the Dog Friendly Co. Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed for your dogs sleeping needs. Packed with amazing features it is sure to keep your dog comfortable and calm during their all-important snooze sessions.

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