5 Staffy Facts You May Not Know

5 Staffy Facts You May Not Know


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is another kind of dog originally bred for fighting pits but has become a lovable and trusted companion—most surprisingly, one that’s great with kids! Didn’t know that? We’ve got more to tell you. Here’s more about this ferocious-looking softie.

#1 They’re dramati…we mean, sensitive.

We say that with nothing but love. They need patient and understanding owners who will be firm with boundaries, even when the Staffy is sulking or “talking back” after getting reprimanded. That same sensitive nature is from big hearts stuffed into medium-sized bodies of fur and muscle. Notice how excited they get when their dog parent comes home from the store!

#2 They’re easy to maintain.
A Staffy’s coat is short with moderate amounts of shedding, and shiny, when well cared for. This makes them easy to groom, and not a lot of fuss. They’re also relatively healthy, as their breed isn’t very likely to develop health issues. Dry food twice a day is best for their nutrition but always consult with a veterinarian first.

#3 They’re great family pets.

When they’re around people, you can hardly tell they were once prized fighters. They compete with Labradors and Golden Retrievers in affection and friendliness. Staffies are energetic, making them great playmates for children. You might find they have trouble with other dogs and animals but with close supervision and early socialization, they can be trained out of it. To keep them safely secure when outside a harness and leash is the perfect accessory.

#4 They need activity.

Routine exercise keeps them healthy, and prevents mischief, but avoid it on extremely hot days and have a cooling mat ready. You’d want to include mentally challenging dog sports or tricks every now and then. The Staffy is an intelligent breed with their own mind so patience, time, and effort is necessary. Also, be sure to reinforce fences because they have a tendency to dig escape tunnels.

#5 They love to spend time with their people.

From lounging on the couch, watching tv to going out for errands, your Staffy will enjoy being your companion. They get a bad reputation as “aggressive” when really they’re “nanny dogs,” which means they’re wonderful babysitters. What they don’t enjoy is being left on their own so be sure to keep them busy and with someone you can trust as much as possible.

Other “Staff” to Know About Staffies

  • They need durable toys. The breed still has powerful jawlines and they love to chew.

  • They get classified as pit bulls and some places make ownership illegal. Be sure to check with your area.

  • They like to chase “prey” so if they’re not accustomed to other pets, be careful when they’re around small animals, like cats.

  • They’re very robust dogs and can tolerate a lot of pain. After a fall, or a rambunctious session of physical activity, check them over for injuries and keep up with your regular vet trips.


When looking for ways to keep your fur-and-muscle baby cool, always have the Dog Friendly Summer Essentials on hand.

Staffordshire bull terriers are only intimidating in how they look, but with the right knowledge, and proper training, they’re some of the sweetest dogs around. They’re a classic example of how a loving family and a good home bring out the best in people, and in dogs. 

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