5 Things To Consider When Buying a Dog Bed

5 Things To Consider When Buying a Dog Bed

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It’s hard to find a dog bed that would work great with all dogs. While there are, not all were made equal. That’s because dogs have their own needs and preferences, just like people. Here’s a short guide on how you can choose the right dog bed for your pooch.

1. Size

It’s the #1 criterion and the quickest way to narrow down your search. It doesn’t mean whether which of three size options would be best for your dog. It’s usually more, “Would my dog fit their large size or is he even bigger?”

Unfortunately, there are no standard dog bed sizes so the large for one brand may not be the same size as the large for another. Measure your dog beforehand, shop around, and ask for the product's exact measurements.

2. Comfort

Maybe your furry best friend enjoys soft cushions, blankets, and your bed. Or not. Perhaps they prefer the firmness of wood. Maybe they like corners and cozier spaces. Or is your dog the type to spread out and move around in their sleep?

Take note of what they like. Observe how they behave while asleep and where they prefer their slumber. Then you can choose a bed that mimics those same qualities. Some beds are especially designed to assist with calming your dog and keeping them stress free.

3. Durability

There’s only one question necessary here: Is your dog a gnawer? You know, the type that likes to take a big bite out of the furniture, and would probably try a go at tearing the bed to pieces. No one wants to have to go shopping for a new bed when they just bought one. Find beds made from sturdier materials, like aluminium or PVC pipes.

4. Cleaning

How much time can you dedicate to this, and how do you plan to clean it? Different materials require varying methods of sanitation. If you’re short on time, or you’re planning to chuck the thing into a washing machine, be sure the bed is designed for that.

When choosing a bed, always ask how they should be cleaned. Some types of beds are easier to clean in general, such as those similar to cots, and those with removable covers. An easy to clean machine washable dog bed is often the best choice and easiest to maintain.

5. Other needs

Health issues are a big determinant of dog beds. Furbabies with joint pain and other similar problems will require orthopaedic beds or those made of memory foam. This usually applies to older doggos but some breeds are more prone to getting certain health problems, like these.

Senior dogs would also need to stay in bed longer, so it’s important to consider that. Shedding? Some materials just attract fur so it’s best to stay away from those. Prone to acting out scenes in their dreams in their sleep? They’re going to need more room.

Of course, the ones that provide the most support for joints, and preventing conditions from worsening are the orthopaedic beds. These are designed by the animal medical world to address these health challenges. Get one from a reputed brand, like Dog Friendly Co., to ensure the quality and value of your purchase.

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