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We all know how much our dogs love their toys. From playing with them for hours in the garden to bringing them us as a treat when we walk through the door, toys can quickly become slobbery, slimey and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. While our dogs probably love them a bit smellier and dirtier than we do, it’s important to keep them clean for their hygiene (and yours!). Below are our top tips on how to clean dog toys

Before you start trying to clean your dog’s toys, it’s important to go through them and decide which ones are actually ready to go to toy heaven. From tears and rips to broken plastic and the stuffing coming out, some toys can become a potential danger to your dog so it’s important to part ways with these toys and replace them with new ones. Get rid of any toys which could become a choking hazard or the ones that your dog could potentially eat parts of.

Step by step: how to wash soft dog toys

Soft dog toys like teddies are some of the easiest to clean. Follow the steps below for sweet smelling soft toys.

  1. Check the label if it’s still intact. Some toys can go in the washing machine so you’ll quickly and easily be able to clean them when you wash your dog’s bed and blankets.
  2. Take a look at the website. If the label has faded, check for instructions on the manufacturers website.
  3. Handwash in the sink. If there are no instructions, it’s best to play it safe and fill up the sink with hot water and detergent. Soak the toys in the water then scrub them until clean and rinse well.
  4. Hang them out to dry. Let the sunshine naturally dry the toys by hanging them on the washing line before giving them back to your pooch.

How to clean rope toys

Rope toys can be a little tougher to clean than soft toys as there are a lot of places where the saliva can get wedged and dry between the twists and turns. Despite this, it’s important to give them a thorough clean to prevent any nasty bacteria from growing. The best way to give them a deep clean is to soak them in hot soapy water for a while before popping them in the microwave. Then microwave it on high heat to remove any germs. Be careful when you take it out as it will be piping hot so be sure to leave it on the side to cool down before giving it back to your dog.

How to clean hard dog toys

Hard dog toys, such as plastic rings and chew toys, are great for keeping your dog’s mouth nice and healthy. While being great for your dog, they are some of the most important to keep clean as they harbour tons of germs and bacteria. Fortunately, many of these type of toys are dishwasher safe so you can simply pop them through the dishwasher – not with your plates though. If they aren’t dishwasher safe then wash them in water and detergent as popping them in the dishwasher can cause them to disintegrate if they can’t withstand the high temperatures.

Tips and tricks for keeping dog toys clean

  • Regularly clean the toy basket as germs can gather here. While you’re cleaning it’s also a good idea to wash the dog harness and clean the leash
  • Be sure to inspect your dog’s toys every few weeks to get rid of any which may be past their best.
  • Collect your dog’s toys from the garden each day. Rain or intense heat can make germs multiply and cause toys to become mouldy, faded or break down faster.

By following these tips, it helps to keep your dog healthier and also saves you money on buying new toys while helping to extend their life – which is super important, especially when your pooch has a favourite tatty toy that they won’t let you get rid of.




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