Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

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Summer in Australia can be merciless for everyone, dogs included. However, it’s not as easy for dogs to address their problems with the heat, much less communicate them. Dog owners should always be alert to their pet’s needs. Here are some easy tips every dog parent can do to make summer a happy season for their pooches:

Provide accessible water.
One simple way is to make sure their water dish is always full with cool water. To make sure it stays cool longer, throw in some ice, whether in cubes or chips. They’ll be a great treat for your pooch, keeping them busy as they munch the heat away.

For added fun, sprinklers and dipping pools turn your yard into a water park, in a doggo’s eyes! Always have more than one source of water throughout the summer in case one runs out or is accidentally spilled.

Keep extraneous activity to a minimum.
Summer in Australia can get hot—real hot! This leaves your furbaby vulnerable to overheating. There’s a good chance you wouldn’t notice until it’s too late. Avoid running, stick to walking, and take shorter routes than usual.

The time of the walk matters, too. When walking your dog, choose a part of the day when the pavement is still cool. Hot pavement can burn their poor paws. Watch out for when walking late in the afternoon as the roads and sidewalks can still be hot. Also, allow for more lazing around during the humid season. 

Add more water activities in a week.
Sprinklers are fun, simple, and are right in your backyard, but there are other things you can do. Up the ante for variety every now and then. Plus, who doesn’t love some extra fun? The quickest way is to take them to the beach or allow them more frequent pool time.

To avoid straining them out, invest in a dog life jacket. It’ll keep them afloat, even without effort. It’s also a great tool for pet owners to relax and enjoy their time with their dogs more. Remember to always accompany them and keep an eye on your dog when they’re in the water.

Give them shade and cool spots.
They’d enjoy the outdoors more if there’s an area that isn’t under direct sunlight. Having fully grown trees and tall shrubs is the natural way to go but a covered porch or deck are also nice alternatives.

On particularly hot days or during midday, lay down an ice pack, cooling mat, or a wet towel. A cooling mat helps keep them cool and comfortable longer without the mess. For extra icy goodness, pop them in the freezer, although not necessary.

When purchasing any cooling items, be sure to acquire them from a trusted brand. Dog Friendly, Co has comfortable and effective life jackets and cooling mats with a size for every dog. They’re easy to use and offer great value. Get one of each for your furbaby and instantly transform their summer!

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