When to use a dog harness

When to use a dog harness

Knowing when to use a dog harness or to use a traditional collar and dog leash can help to make your walkies much more enjoyable – for both you and your pooch.

While some dogs walk just fine on the lead from the beginning, others seem to be much better on a harness. It can depend on a lot of different factors from how well trained your dog is to his or her breed as to which method works best for you. But, you’ll only find out what works best for you and your pet by trial and error. Here are some scenarios when to use a dog harness over a collar and lead.  

If you want more control over your dog

Dogs that pull or tug on the lead can sometimes hurt the muscles in your arms and back. 

With a dog harness on it gives you more support and prevents them from pulling as much, which relieves some of the tension you both might be feeling when out on walks. While pulling can make it hard for you to feel in control on walks, it can also cause your pet to injure him or herself if they put too much strain on their necks.

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Wearing a dog harness also helps to prevent them from pulling on future walks and will improve their overall walking  technique. If you also have a dog that  tends to jump up at other dogs or even  people, this will also help you to keep them  calm and prevent them from over-socialising with others on walks too.This sense of control will also help to improve your relationship with your dog and should especially improve training with younger dogs.

Walking your dog in busy places

Some dogs can get really over excited when they get into a busy place where there are lots of other dogs and people. In these circumstances, such as on a beach walk or when going to a pub garden, wearing a dog harness can help you to keep your dog by your side calmly and means they will learn not to jump up at others.

If your dog has neck issues or eye risks

A dog harness means that if you dog is inclined to lunge or pull when you’re out walking, he won’t injure his/her neck. With a collar and dog leash it’s very easy for your pooch to strain or injure his/her neck when they pull too much on the lead. Wearing a dog harness means the weight is distributed more evenly so if they do pull it won’t cause them to hurt their neck, choke or struggle to breathe easily.

If your dog is short nosed or has trouble breathing

Short nosed breeds, such as Pugs and French Bulldogs, can really benefit from wearing a harness when out on walks. The breathing problems associated with short nosed breeds means that a collar and leash can cause them to choke if it pulls too tightly around their necks. With a dog harness on they can continue to breath easily which is why harnesses are such a great investment for these kinds of dogs and often favoured to collars and dog leashes.

If you’re training them to walk nicely

If you’re having problems getting your dog or a puppy to walk nicely on the lead, a dog harness can be a great place to start. As a harness gives you much more control, it means you can ensure your dog learns to walk nicely beside you without pulling or criss-crossing over. Wearing the harness discourages your dog from being too wilful and keeps them walking in a straight line by redirecting them. This can be really important if you’re looking to enter you dog in show or train him or her in agility tasks as it will hugely improve their walking and overall obedience.

Going on a run with your dog

Not all dogs are built for running, but if your dog is well-trained and you can happily go out on runs together then a harness could be your new best friend. As a lot of dogs can get pretty excited when out on a walk anyway, running can be a bit overwhelming and while running yourself it makes it harder to control them on the lead. With a harness you’ll have much more support and control over your pooch, so all you need to worry about is pounding the pavements yourself.

Transporting your dog

If you have a little dog, a dog harness can help when transporting them to make it easy and comfortable for you both. Most harnesses have a little clip on the back which means you can use this to scoop them up. This makes getting in and out of the car easy, crossing in traffic or can be helpful if you have an older dog who needs a helping hand standing up.

There are so many instances where using a dog harness can benefit both you and your dog. If you haven’t yet tried your dog on a harness, there’s no better time. With harnesses available at the Dog Friendly Co for a wide range of different breeds, whatever shape and size your pooch is you’ll be sure to find one that fits.

Take a look at our dog harness selection today to find the perfect one for you and you furry friend.

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