Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Bed

Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Bed


dog digging bed

Our dogs are often the most beloved ones in our families but just like other members of our pack, they have strange habits we don’t understand. Digging is one of them. Here are some common reasons behind this doggo practice so you can know your furbaby better.

1. Natural Instinct

In much earlier times, dogs were born in the wild, and scratching was their way of creating a comfortable bed for them. They dug holes in the ground or made a pile of leaves. Scratching also warms the spot, making it cozier for sleeping, while calming them down to prepare for sleep. 

2. Anxiety

In some cases, scratching can wind up a dog, instead of helping them relax for bed. Digging can be one of the many symptoms of separation anxiety. It would help to get the professional advice of a vet so you can find a solution to their stress.

3. Item of Interest

Something probably has your pet’s attention. It could be a toy hiding under the covers, or a new scent they’re trying to investigate. Stains and leftover crumbs from certain treats, like bully sticks, may also attract your pet and give them the exciting idea they might find more, if they look.

4. Hiding Objects or Themselves

Aside from the prospect of discovering an item, your dog could be attempting to bury her toys, bones, and other things important to them. Digging is also an instinctual response to hide from animals or creatures they think would hurt them. (Clue: Did you turn on the vacuum cleaner?)

5. Mark Territory

Dogs are one of the kinds of animals that have scent glands in their feet. Scratching leaves their unique odor on the spot, marking it as theirs. This behavior is especially more likely if there are other pets in your home.

6. Boredom

How much playtime has your dog been getting? Are their toys and games challenging enough to engross them? The smarter or more energetic a dog is, the more stimulation they require. They could be digging to simply have something to do or to stay active. 

How to Resolve Digging and Prevent Damage

Observe your dog when they dig. Take note of their behaviour, the mood they seem to be in, and the situation to determine the reason behind the habit. Pent-up energy or boredom can easily be resolved by playing with them and teaching new tricks.

Maintaining the room temperature at a level your dog enjoys reduces their need to warm up their sleeping spot. When using a heater, always make sure your pet is supervised at all times to prevent harmful accidents. 

For other reasons or when you have difficulty pinpointing the reason behind their digging, it’s best to consult with a professional. In the meantime, you can prevent them from ripping your bed and blankets by giving them their own. Also place rugs to serve as alternative lounging spots for them to lie down. Getting high-quality dog beds would help minimize the problem

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