Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you ever taken your dog out for a walk, and they suddenly start eating grass? Don't be alarmed. Dogs eating grass is actually quite common, and wild dogs have also been found to do it as well. Eating grass will definitely not hurt them. Instead take this as a sign to check up on your dog’s health!

There are a variety of reasons why dogs eat grass so there may not be any reason to worry but it’s definitely worth looking into. Grass eating could be caused by the following:

Nutrition Deficiency

Pica is the technical name for the condition where one eats things that are not food. This usually happens because they show signs of a nutrition deficiency. Your dog is probably missing certain vitamins and minerals that weren’t available from their diet.

Among the different ways a dog could be experiencing this, fiber deficiency is one of the more common ones. Fiber is an essential nutrient because this helps with food digestion and aids in maintaining regular bowel movement. In turn, it regulates the dog’s digestive tract. Changing to food with higher fiber contents can quickly solve the issue. 

Used as an Antacid

Some dogs would eat grass and then proceed to throw up. Medical problems like gastric reflux, or inflammatory bowel disease which makes the dog very uncomfortable. The dog would try and remedy this pain by making themselves throw up to make themselves feel better.

If your dog vomits nothing but some yellowish liquid, do not be alarmed. It’s just the dog’s bile and usually after throwing it up, it would lessen pain and eventually be well enough to start acting naturally as if nothing happened. 


Dogs aren’t full carnivores or full omnivores, but instead they will consume whatever meets their basic dietary needs. While they may not understand nutrients or what health problems they’re experiencing, dogs instinctively know grass is nutritious for them. They understand to some extent that grass can ease stomach problems and any related symptoms.


Your dog probably doesn’t have any medical problem at all! They just don’t have anything better to do. Especially among younger puppers, dogs eat grass to kill time. Hey, it’s a healthy habit, too.

Easily remedy this by giving them more activities. Let them get some exercise by taking them for a walk, playing fetch, or letting them roughhouse a bit with their dog pals. Our pooches are forever puppies so incorporate fun throughout their day. 

How Else Can I Get Them to Stop? 

Is your garden looking a little…munched on? If you’d like your furry friend to reduce the frequency of their habit, it’s possible to train them with food by offering alternatives to grass. It works great with positive reinforcement.

Offer head pats and affectionate actions as rewards whenever they choose some . By distracting them every time they are about to try and start grazing on grass, you can slowly train them to redirect their attention and focus on something else. 

Experts agree that most grass isn’t harmful but the herbicides, and pesticides used on lawns and plants can be very toxic especially if eaten by them. Different varieties of local plants in and around your home could be dangerous for your dogs.

Sometimes grass can also carry intestinal parasites so it's important for you to be careful where your doggo decides to graze. Make sure to check with your local poison control to find a list of plants that are and are not dangerous for your dog.

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